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Printing Articles and Process Descriptions

PDS International provides a range of digital, pad and screen printing articles. Our most popular articles include:

  • What is Screen Printing?
  • How do you Screen Print?

Definition of Printing

“The purpose of printing is to replicate the original artwork and lay down a controlled thickness of ink.”

There are many different ways to print, each with its own characteristics. Understanding the basics of the various printing processes will help you avoid many of the difficulties which arise during printing. At PDS we aim to give you the knowledge to know not just what to do but why you do it.

Printers will find that knowing the basics of their particular printing process are important when they are setting the machines or identifying what can be printed. Those that have only learnt the sequence needed to produce a particular print on a particular machine will be at a noticeable disadvantage within the printing industry.

Individuals/companies, who are looking to include printing into their production or into obtaining the services of an established printing company, will be able to make informed choices as to what kind of printing processes will be able to deal with their production needs.

This section gives the basic principles for several of these printing processes in the hope that this information will encourage people and companies to increase their knowledge of the processes they use, are involved with, or interested in.


Printing Processes

Descriptions of the primary printing methods used in wide format and industrial printing. Click on the name of the digital, pad or screen printing process to access the information which is free to all and correct to the best of our knowledge.

These are not fully comprehensive descriptions but will give you an understanding of the operation and application of these processes. There are others used in this industrial sector such as Laser Marking, Continuous Inkjet and Flexographic Printing.

We would be happy to discuss in greater detail the listed descriptions and examine with you the application of the others mentioned. Call us on +44 (0)1226 770772.

Printing Articles

Over the years staff at PDS International has written numerous articles that have been published around the world. It is our intention over time to incorporate these technical articles onto this web site. The topics will cover Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Stencil Making, and a host of other print related topics. These articles and some from other sources are a rich vein of information for practitioners and students alike. New articles will be added monthly so keep coming back to see if the latest article helps to provide solutions or simply to entertain.

If you have come across content that you think would be a useful addition to this resource, or wish to give feedback on any of our current articles, just click HERE to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.

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