Thiemer Oversize Hand Bench 3.75m x 1.6m

Price: £2,500, ONO + VAT

Location: Leicestershire



Price: £2,500, ONO + VAT
Location: Leicestershire, UK
Manufacturer: Theimer
Model: Custom made
Serial No.: N/A
Type: Oversize hand bench
No. Colours: N/A
Method of Operation: Manual
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Condition: Good
Maximum Frame Size: 3.75m x 1.605m
Vacuum Area: 3.35m x 1.22m
Maximum Sheet Size: TBC
Power Requirements: TBC
Operational: Yes
Availability: Immediately
Seller Statement: The sale also includes 8 large frames included, the two largest is so you can print the full bed size.
Viewing welcome.

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