Parker Free Standing Exposure Lamp & 60″ x 40″ Vertical Exposure Frame

Price – Vertical Exposure Frame: £1,250 + VAT

Price – Parker Exposure Lamp: £1,250 + VAT

Location: Surrey, UK

Please contact for a combined purchase price.


Vertical Exposure Unit Specification
Price: £1,250 + VAT
Location: Surrey, UK
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: 60″ x 40″
Serial No.: Unknown
Type: Free standing vertical frame
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Condition of Glass: Good
Condition of Blanket: Good
Glass Area: 1.61m x 2.3m
Power Requirement: Single phase
Availability: Immediately
Operational: Yes
Seller Statement: On wheels so can be easily moved.
Viewing welcome.
Parker Exposure Lamp Specification
Price: £1,250 + VAT
Manufacturer: Parker
Model: Surrey, UK
Serial No.: 279-2-99
Type: Free Standing
Year of Manufacture: 1999
Power Requirement: 3 phase
Lamp Output: 30 amp
Integrator: Remote on/off control unit and integrator.
Availability: Immediately
Operational: Yes
Viewing welcome
Seller Statement: Includes new spare bulb.
On wheels so can be easily moved.

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